Crushed Ice

Impress guests by adding crushed ice for making perfect juices, cocktails, and smoothies. Diamonds of crushed ice are an excellent choice for beverages and chill drinks and food.

Make your drinks Sparkly

Great way to serve your friends and guests cocktails, smoothies, and milkshakes.

You can even use it in ice buckets to chill drinks and more.


Everyone loves a classic ice ball, not only does it look magical but can also add sophistication to your drink. Now make cocktails and smoothies even more beautiful with ice spheres.

Life looks shiny with ice

Best use for ice buckets in order to chill drinks and keep beverages cold.

You can find the amazing quality made from spring water.

Premium Ice

Our brand-new range of large premium ice is a perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy top-tier ice for a refreshing drink.

Why choose regular when you can have the finest ice in your glass?

Great choice for refreshing everyday drinks.

Find a 1KG bag in your local convenience store or connect with our partners.

Super Cubes

Super Cubes are massive-sized ice cubes that are made using natural spring water and are a perfect addition to superior drinking occasions.

Make your drinks perfect for the party!

You can pour Whiskey or your favourite drink over a super cube or add a few cubes to make ice-cold beverages.

You can find our products exclusively at our store and get in touch with us to know more.